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Un bon et beau gâteau pour finir un repas ou pour gouter, à vous de choisir ! Un gâteau aux pommes, au yaourt, à la banane. Faîtes vous plaisir tout en faisant attention aux sucres. A vos tablier pour pâtissez vos propres expériences culinaires. N’oubliez pas de les proposer à la communauté !
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How to make vanilla sugar ?
To make sugar with vanilla, keep your sugar in a jar with scratched vanilla cloves for at least 10 days. Count 1 vanilla pod for 200 g of sugar. Use white sugar or brown sugar according to your tastes. Shake the jar regularly to prevent sugar from hardening.
How to make soft sugar with maple syrup ?
To make soft sugar with maple syrup, bake it until it reaches 113 ° C. Do not mix the syrup being cooked to avoid crystallization. Brush the wall of the pan with a wet brush to prevent the foam overflowing. Remove from the heat, stop cooking by spraying the foam with cold water. The cooked maple syrup must be cooled at 32 ° C before being mixed with a whisk. Cry the sugar in a double boiler crystallize.
What is the sweetest sugar ?
There are several types of sugars that have different sugar levels, but the sugar sugar is generally considered to be fructose. Fructose is a simple sugar that is naturally found in fruits and certain vegetables. It is approximately 1.5 times sweeter than white sugar (sucrose) and is often used in food products as a sweetener.
How to keep the garlic ?
Hi keep the garlic well: -It to buy fresh and firm garlic so that it can be kept as long as possible .-- Keep the garlic at room temperature and do not put it in the fridge .-- Store the garlic in a well-ventilated place .-- Keep the garlic heads in a dark and dry place usually a corner in the shade on the worktop ...-
How to cut garlic ?
To cut the garlic into small pieces, the knife will be used conventional with the knife wire. & Lt; ul & gt; & lt;/br & gt; cut well: & lt; Garlic cloves .-- Remove the extremities .-- Split the pod in half in the length .-- Remove the germ of the pod.--Place a fairly wide knife blade on the garlic clove and press it strongly To crush the garlic.-- Chop the garlic finely.
How to caramelize sugar ?
To caramelize sugar, favor a saucepan with high edges or a thick background pan. Count 250 g of sugar for 15 cl of water. Avoid touching the preparation when cooking to avoid crystallization. Mix by performing a few circular movements with the pan.
How to replace the sugar in a cake ?
To make a sugar-free cake, replace it with honey, maple syrup, stevia or agave syrup. Fresh, compote or puree, certain fruits such as bananas, apple or raspberries can also substitute sugar.
How to replace sugar with honey ?
Honey having a more sweet power than sugar, it is advisable to put a third less. To do the calculation, multiply the amount of sugar by 0.66. For 50 g sugar, count 33 g of honey.
How to replace sugar with maple syrup ?
To replace sugar with maple syrup, use an equivalent amount because their sweet power is comparable. However, maple syrup being liquid, the amount of liquid ingredient should be reduced in the recipe (water, juice or milk).
What sugar is the best for health ?
With very low glycemic index, coconut sugar is the best sugar for health. It contains a large quantity of nutrients such as potassium, chlorine, phosphorus or sulfur. Palm sugar and full cane sugar are also beneficial for health.
What cream for sugar paste cake ?
To garnish a cake covered with sugar paste, favor a French buttercream, light and can be scented according to your desires. This type of cake can also be garnished with ganache (milk chocolate, black, praline, etc.) or a mixture of ganache and fruit puree.

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