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Le cake sucré fait l'unanimité au moment du goûter, on a plusieurs types de cakes, le cake au citron, le cake nature, le cake marbré, le cake à la banane, le cake au chocolat, le cake au yaourt, le cake aux pommes et le quatre quarts. 

Vous pourrez les décliner à vos goûts et créer vos propres expériences culinaires. N’oubliez pas de les proposer à la communauté !


How to make cupcakes ?
To make cupcakes, use milk and eggs at room temperature, and ointment butter for a lump without lumps. Fill the paper boxes in 2/3 to prevent the cupcakes from overflowing during cooking. Let the cupcakes cool before decorating them with the desired topping: royal frosting, mounted ganache, Italian meringue ...
How to make pancakes ?
To make pancakes, sift the flour and baking powder to avoid lumps before adding very fresh eggs, milk and sugar. Perfume with cinnamon, vanilla, orange blossom water or other. Use a non -stick pan or grease the pan to prevent the dough from staying stuck when cooking.
How to make american pancakes ?
To make American pancakes, prepare the dough with buttermilk, or ribot/fermented milk milk. Avoid mixing the dough too much and respecting the rest time for soft pancakes. Do not turn the pancakes only when small bubbles appear.
How to make thick pancakes ?
To make thick pancakes, use cake flour. Shape it before pouring it into the bowl. The melted butter should not be too hot to avoid cooking the eggs. Also use bottler.
How to make a chocolate cake ?
To make a chocolate cake, use sunflower oil instead of butter and cornstarch to replace part of the flour for a soft texture. Cover the cake with a dark chocolate frosting to keep its humidity and bring a gourmet touch.
How to make a cupcake glaze ?
To make a cupcake frosting, you have the choice between a butter, whipped cream, mascarpone or pastry cream. It is also possible to make a white icing with icing sugar, lemon juice and egg whites. To give your frosting pep's, add a little food coloring and food decorations (chocolate chips, colorful vermicelli, etc.).
How to make a nature mug cake ?
To make a natural mug cake, prepare the dough with flour, sugar, milk, melted butter, an egg as well as baking powder. Subsequently, it is enough to cook it in the microwave for 1 minute.

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