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Pancakes and waffles

A sweet crepe or a crispy waffle, nothing better to spice up your snack! Why wait for Candlemas to enjoy a good pancake, indulge yourself while paying attention to your pans! The pancakes come in a thousand holes, with bananas, apples or chocolate. For vegans, there is a version without eggs and without milk.


How to use the tupperware waffle mold ?
- Prepare your waffle dough according to the recipe chosen. - Lightly oil the plates of the waffle mold with vegetable oil or melted butter. This will prevent waffles from sticking with the mold. - Pour a small amount of waffle dough into each imprint of the mold, taking care not to fill too much. - Place the mold in your waffle device and follow the manufacturer's instructions to cook the waffles. -Once the waffles are cooked, remove them from the mold and serve them hot.
How to make waffle batter ?
To make waffle dough, sift the flour before mixing it with other ingredients to avoid lumps. Incorporate white snow-mounted whites for more lightness. Let the dough rest to obtain well inflated waffles.
How to make easy crepes ?
To prepare easy pancakes, use T45 flour, preferably whole milk and fresh eggs. Sift the flour and incorporate the milk little by little while whisking vigorously to avoid lumps. Lick the preparation by replacing half of the milk with beer, water or cider. Heat the pan before cooking the first pancake.
How to make creeks without milk ?
For milk -free pancakes, just replace it with water or beer. It is also possible to substitute it with vegetable milk: hazelnut, almond, soy ...
How to make crispy waffles ?
For crisp waffles, replace the milk with water and/or beer or even sparkling water. Oil the plates well and cook them at high temperature.
How to make soft waffles ?
To obtain soft waffles, the dough must be creamy. Use milk for this only for making the dough. Mix your dough to remove lumps and so that it is more creamy. Do not forget the baking powder to obtain soft waffles.
How to make waffles without milk ?
For milk -free waffles, use water. You can also use in place of beer or sparkling water.

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