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Nothing better than a chocolate dessert to finish a good meal, Whether it is a chocolate fondant, a chocolate cake, a chocolate cake or a chocolate ice cream, chocolate is always unanimous among the guests. You can adapt them to your tastes and create your own culinary experiences. Don't forget to share them with the community!


How to make chocolate shavings to decorate a cake ?
To make chocolate shavings, scrape the smooth side of a chocolate tablet previously placed in the freezer for 2 hours with a peeler. Chocolate shavings can also be made by scraping melted chocolate and hardened on a baking sheet using a pastry scraper.
How to make chocolate with cocoa beans ?
To make chocolate with cocoa beans, the latter must be torrely in the oven or in the pan. The beans are then dissected and grinding with melted cocoa butter and sugar. The following steps are temperature and chocolate molding.
How to do a chocolate frosting ?
To make a chocolate frosting, mix it with fat (butter, oil, etc.) and melt everything in a double boiler. The chocolate frosting is also done on the pan with grated chocolate, whole liquid cream and possibly gelatin.
How to make a chocolate topping ?
To make a chocolate topping, mix the chocolate with whole liquid cream and/or butter. Mix the preparation gently to avoid the appearance of bubbles or for a shiny chocolate topping.
How to make a chocolate shell ?
To make a chocolate shell, you must temper the chocolate (passing it through different temperatures to reach its crystallization) to obtain a smooth and shiny shell. Shape the decorations by brushing melted chocolate silicone shells three times placing them in the fridge between each operation.

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