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Tartes sucrées

En dessert, rien de tel qu'une bonne tarte sucrée, que ce soit la tarte aux pommes, la tarte au chocolat, la tarte au citron ou autres tartes, elle finit vos repas avec une agréable touche sucrée. Pour les plus gourmands, une boule de glace à la vanille est un bon compagnon !


How to caramelize the top of an apple pie ?
To caramelize the top of an apple pie, sprinkle the entire surface of the butter and brown sugar pie. It is also possible to sprinkle the sugar pie at the end of cooking and pass it under the grill for 2 minutes.
How to make the apple pie shine ?
To make an apple pie shine, top it up with jam or apricot jelly. Sugar syrup or gelatin -glued syrup also make it possible to make an apple pie shine.
How to make pie dough ?
To make pie dough, place the ingredients in the fridge before using them. Add the water gradually to prevent the dough from hardening too quickly. Add a small amount of lemon juice to the dough so that it is melting in the mouth. Avoid kneading the dough too much so that it is not too firm.
How to make a pie with cookies ?
To make a pie background with cookies, all the cupcakes and butter cookies can be used. Depending on the desired texture and taste, it is possible to mix several types of cookies. The propotions of butter and crushed cookies vary depending on the type of cookie used. Crush them with a mixer, using a rolling pin or with a pestle.
How to make a tart topping ?
To shape a tart topping, use jam, melt and spread over the pie once cooled. The pie can also be topped with a translucent and slightly sticky sugar syrup.
How to make an easy pie dough ?
To easily make a paste, mix all your ingredients in a bowl before adding the butter by rubbing with your hands to obtain a homogeneous paste. It is also possible to mix all the ingredients, including the melted butter, in an airtight box with a solid cover and to shake vigorously to have a dough ball.
How to make a gluten -free pie dough ?
To make a gluten -free pie dough, it is advisable to assemble different gluten -free flours: buckwheat flour, lupine flour, boot flour, rice flour, millet flour…
How to make a pie with frozen fruit ?
To make a pie with frozen fruit, brush the egg white paste. Sprinkle with almond or hazelnut powder. Avoid adding sugar on frozen fruits. For fruit halves (apricots, peaches, etc.), place them with the cut downwards.
What apples for an apple pie ?
To make an apple pie, choose varieties that hold well when cooked. The Golden du Limousin, Pink Lady, Queen of Reinettes, Ariane, Elstar, the Reinette of Capuchins, Lorraine or Brive or La Braeburn are suitable perfectly.

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